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At Kuwait car accessories we strive for a level of product quality and service that surpasses your expectations. 


We use handcrafted materials and techniques perfected over a decade of building custom sunshades in various shapes and sizes for a wide variety of vehicles.

These sunshades are designed to fit the contours of your windshield. We also cater to your preferences in style and colour. 



Our most sought-after service to help prevent UV damage to the interiors of your vehicle and to your own skin.?

Learn the top 6 reasons why you should tint your car windows. We offer car, home and office window tinting!



Car seats are generally the most occupied areas of your car. If your car seats are clean, comfortable, and radiant, your passengers will definitely have an easy and comfortable ride experience.

We have various fabrics and leathers available to choose from and offer custom fitting as well.





If you notice your headlights aren't as bright at night or appear foggy in the daytime, it's time to clean the surface of your headlights.

We help with restoring your dull and foggy headlights to their original state. 
Regular maintenance is key.



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