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Car Polishing - Aesthetic Enhancement Service


Keeping your car’s finish looking new doesn't require a paycheck’s worth of equipment or a day filled with hard manual labor.


“Wheeling” i.e., polishing a vehicle with a rotating wheel done at professional detail stores such as ours, works by temporarily heating the paint’s clear coat until it softens into a viscous liquid that fills in and dissipates blemishes.


Car polishing is designed to keep paint looking naturally beautiful for a long time without paint having to fade, crack, etch or break down from neglect of paint maintenance. When you regularly polish your paint, you will find it will be very easy to clean and it will always maintain its shine to the maximum possible extent.






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Car Headlights Polishing :


Maintaining your cars shine also means cleaning your
headlights regularly. When your headlights are foggy, cloudy
or yellowed, it means that Oxidation is building up in your
plastic lens, and replacing headlight lenses can cost several
hundred dinars.


Having a detail shop or Automotive repair shop professionally
restore your headlights can save you the money and the
hassle of having your headlights replaced and could potentially
help protect the value of your vehicle.


Benefits of Car Polishing :

  • Reduces dull appearance of car paint

  • Imparts a glossy finish

  • Reduces appearance of stubborn scratches

  • Increases durability of your vehicle

  • Removes dust and dirt

  • Protects the value of your vehicle


Benefits of Car Headlights Polishing :


  • Drastically improves your driving visibility

  • Enhances the appearance of your vehicle

  • Increases the resale value of any vehicles

  • Eliminates costly replacements





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