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Stereo, DVD & CD Player - Repair Services


At times repairing a broken Stereo, CD or DVD players can save you more money than having it replaced. 


50 % Rule: 

Financial pundits often talk about the "50% rule" when deciding whether or not it's more cost effective to repair an item rather than replace it. The conventional wisdom was that if a repair was estimated to cost 50% or less than the amount you paid for an item, it was usually better to have it repaired. This is still a good guide to keep in mind.




Kuwait radio stereo repair



Minor Defaults: 

Our professional employees in the repair department reported that all the items people brough into our store are simply suffering from a faulty electrical cord, plug, or other connection problems. If that's the case, then repairing it will save you major currency. But, if it's something more major and requires special parts, we can help you pick out an item best suited to your requirements as a cheaper alternative. We also offer installation services on our premises to ensure that you are a 100% satisfied customer.


Why choose Al-Hateem-Al-Awwal? 

  • Over 30 years' experience

  • Highly trained technicians

  • Quality Products

  • Free estimates

  • Trustworthy recommendations

  • Friendly, personal service

  • Efficient troubleshooting

  • Effective solution implementation

  • Highly skilled professionals

Electronics we repair:

  • GPS Navigation System

  • Stereos

  • DVD Players

  • CD Players




Kuwait headrest car DVD

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