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Car Sunshades - Customization Services

Tired of wrestling with your sunshades? Modify one to fit your car.
As a bonus, the better it fits, the more heat it keeps out of your car!


Al-Hateem-Al-Awwal car accessories follows an intensive 5 step procedure to ensure that the sunshades designed on our premises are made of the highest quality materials and are cut precisely to the exacting contours of a vehicle's windshield.


Car sun shades are one of the best investments that you can make for both your vehicle, and your passengers. 

Block That Sun 

While your car is parked, sun shades reflect the heat of the sun,
and keep UV rays from damaging your interior. 
Without car sun
shades, vinyl dashes and leather seats crack and fade under the
direct sunlight.






Also, heat builds up inside your car, especially if your windows
are cracked, which can damage your car over time, as well as
make the car extremely uncomfortable when you come back to
drive it. Car sunshades help lower the internal temperature of
your vehicle by as much as 40 degrees, shortening the time it will take to cool your car or truck.


Protect The Interior of Your Vehicle

In this digital age, our vehicles are tricked out with LCD screens, DVD and CD players, GPS devices, and all manner of electronics. Heat from the sun beating down on them is their worst enemy. A sunshade protects those devices from the destructive heat and UV rays beaming through, lengthening their lifespans considerably.

Some people just aren't willing to take the extra twenty seconds to put up a few car sunshades each day, but for those who do, they’ll enjoy the benefits of their car sun shades each and every day.









Heat Protect sun shade
Car sun shade Kuwait



Benefits of Sun Shades :

  • Heat Elimination

  • Preserves Interior

  • Electronic Devices Protection

  • Reduced exposure to UV Rays

  • Lowers internal car temperatures



Why choose Al-Hateem-Al-Awwal? 

  • Top custom sun shade designer

  • Over 30 years of experience

  • Trained technicians

  • Quality Products

  • Free estimates

  • Trustworthy recommendations

  • Friendly, personal service

  • Efficient troubleshooting

  • Effective solution implementation

  • Highly skilled professionals


Kuwait customization

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